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Dear Members and Friends,
This is a great time for the Austine Alumni Foundation, Inc. On June 25th the Alumni and the Museum merged to form one organization a great milestone. We honor the man, Bruce Hubbard who put it in motion before his passing in Feb.12, 2016. While much as changed since our early days, the Austine Alumni Foundation, Inc. dedication to providing an organization with quality, transparency and support for all deaf and hard of hearing members including blind/deaf members. This webpage will be our way to communicate and keep in touch with our members and friends. We welcome you to share your comments. Some pages may be under development so please do check back in the days ahead. We are all proud to celebrate 200 years of deaf education in the United States and our personal anniversary “Austine of eighty-one years”! We are committed to serve our members and we hope you will spread the word about our new webpage. Thank you for your continuous support because of “you” we are here!
Don Powers
Austine Alumni Foundation, Inc., President

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